Monday, March 7, 2011

We've Moved

I told you guys it wouldnt be long till I was back posting :) I love my new house and all the explorings it offers me.
Here is a picture off it...pretty neat..huh

 The whole house is surrounded by forests (mostly pine trees) and offers so much exploration. We found our house on google earths. Can you see all the forest it has...

 In other news....On Saturday we all went to the local horse fair. They have a dog show their every year and mummy thought it would be fun to enter me into it. I have never been in a dog show before so we weren't expecting to win or anything just have fun! But guess who came 3rd place in they toy catagory.....MEEEE!!!

Mummy left her cameras in the car so we took the pictures of me and my yellow rossette when we got back to the car park. There were so many dogs there and so many butts to sniff. It was such a fun day, I am so going back next year :)

Also its Shrove Tuesday tommorow a.k.a pancake day XD.....CAN...NOT...WAIT...

Posted by Manda and Oisín at 9:54pm


Two French Bulldogs said...

Congratulations on your ribbon, it's beautiful. And your new home! Wow, Do you have room for us?
Benny & Lily

Noodles said...

Nice DIGS.
Love Noodles

dw said...

Oisin, I'm glad you're all moved and back in the bloggy world! Your house looks fantastic! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun exploring and I can't wait to read all about it. And congrats on the third place ribbon in the toy category! How great is that!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Congrats on your ribbon. It compliments you wonderfully.

Winston Wilbur said...

Yeahs we luvs your new home. Oh Oh Oh and now that yous is officially settled into its I will now send offs your sweater day package. I wanted to waits til you moved so it would gets to your new address.

OMP OMP OMP 3RD!!!!!!!!!! totally pawsome. I told mum that I wants to goes to Ireland to visits you. She said that not rights now cuz it is expensive and you needs more than a week vacation times. I wants to check outs that dog show.

We luv yous new home!

Winston Wilbur

Winston Wilbur said...

PS we are having pancakes tomorrow toos! I luvs Shrove Tuesday.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your yellow ribbon is the most beautiful ribbon that I ever did see.
And the photo of you with your ribbon is adorable. I know you must have had a wonderul time! So much fun... and I love you new home!
It is soooooo awsome !

Elsie Dollheart said...

omg that is such a gorgeous house. where is it? wowowow i wanna live there!

Salinger The Pug said...

WOW! Congrats on your ribbon, Buddy!!!

Your new house looks REALLY cool! I'm sure it's fun living in the forest!

I hope you got a LOT of pancakes for Shrove Tuesday! Today is my human brother's birthday and mom is making MAPLE BACON CUPPYCAKES to take into school for him to share with his friends. I am the designated taste tester since they're not chocolate! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Oisin you look wonderful in yellow! Congrats on your first of many ribbons to come your way for sure!! Your new home is fantastic - looks like a home you would find in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

The Devil Dog said...

Congrats on your beautiful yellow ribbon. Fine job. What a gorgeous house. Mom wants an inside tour, lol, mothers!


Too Cute Pugs said...

Congratulations on both winning the ribbon and your new house. Both are just AWESOME!!!!!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Becky said...

What a beautiful place yu have found to live in! Are you still in Ireland? Congrats to you on your win at the dog show! They obviously know a really cute pug when they see one!

Wilma said...

I just love your new home. It is beautiful! Just don't get lost in those woods. Congratulations on your prize. The ribbon looks great on you!

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