Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Words

 Don't worry me and mummy haven't disapeared, we just have been super busy lately.

Mummy found out from her careers counceller that if she want to go to university and do  the science degree shes always wanted that she will have to work a lot harder :/ as they only except 35 people a year from all over europe. Thats some competion!!!

So now mummy is at school from 9am-4pm and then heads to the library to study and do homework from 4pm-7pm. She gets home at 7:30 and we go for our walk. At 8pm we eats our dinner and then we relax for the rest of the evening.
So we really havnt had much time for bloggings, but we still manage to read your blogs ;) we arn't that busy.

Mummy gets her Christmas holidays on the 23rd, Im so excited.
Ive asked Santa Paws for a sheep stuffie and some edibles.
Only 18 more sleeps!!

Posted by Manda and Oisin at 10:25pm