Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodbye Hope

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Hope has passed away. She was the smallest of Candys puppies but we didnt expect this to happen

Yesterday morning Mummy noticed that Candy was ignoring Hope and wasnt feeding her. If you put Hope near Candy she would push her away. Hope was getting dehydrated so Mummy took her to the vet to get a shot to rehydrate her and also bought some puppy formula to hand feed Hope.
Mummy handfed Hope every two hours and all through the night, she seemed to be getting better. Then today Hope took a turn for the worst. It was all of a sudden, her little body just froze up, she got sick and she passed away.

We did everything we could to bring her back but it was no use.
5 day old Hope went over the rainbow bridge at 12:20pm

Some pictures Mummy took yesterday of Hope.

This is the little bed we made for Hope. There was a hot water bottle and a small clock underneath the blackets.

 A full belly after her feed.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet the Pups!

Their names are Clive, Iris, Faith, Hope and Savannah. 

Clive is the only boy and is also the only pup that isnt black, he is white with brown patches. He was the fourth born.
Iris was the first born, she is almost totally black with a very small white mark on her chest (like me).
Faith was the last puppy to be born, she has a white stripe down her nose and white on her belly.
Hope was the second born, she almost passed away but luckily didnt and was therefore given the name Hope. She is black with white on her belly and chin. She is also the smallest pup.
Savannah has very similar markings to Faith, but she also has four white paws and a white tip on her tail. She was the third born.

Above is Clive, Savannah and Iris's backside :)
It was very hard to get a decent pic of the girls, since they are all black and were all hudled into each other, hopefully when they are little bit older we can get some better photos.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Puppies Have Arrived

Me and Mummy would just like to let you know that Candy is now the proud mother to four lil ladies and one lil man. 
We will do a full post tomorrow, but right now it is 2am and time for sleep 

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bonfire Mishaps

So I just wanna say thanks for offering to vote for me guys :) Unfortunately you have to vote by text so I don't think it will work unless you live in the Republic of Ireland. I'm gonna give you guys the numbers anyways if you want to tries...but it might just waste your credits...You have to text "Pet 2097" to 53307. And member to text at your own risk :)

Oh since I forgots the other day, this is the picture that mummy entered. Its an old pic but mummy loves the hat and my displeased face.

Yesterday was Bonfire night here in Ireland.
Our local pub was having a gi-normus bonfire, with a BBQ and music. 
So mummy decided to brings me...but...I kinda....emmm....
................gots scared!
I mean it was a huge fire and there were so many peoples, it just kinda shocked me yanoo. 
So I kinda did this back flippy thing while trying to drag mummy away.....and it worked, Mummy walked me home.

When we gots home I ran up to the couch inviting mummy to joins me, but what did mummy do....she left!!!
I could not believe own mother!!

Needless to say she gots greeted with a sad face when she came home...hehe

The Mummy here: Because of Oisíns odd and comical behaviour yesterday at the bonfire I unfortunately had to bring him home, which was a shame as my friend was on the way with her canon, and I was really looking forward to sharing the photos with you guys.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Summer is Ready to Begin

Hey Dudes and Dudettes. 
So I wanted to update you guys on my eye issues. Mummy brought me to the vets and they gave me some special drops to use for one month and then I have to go back in for a check up. Mummy hasnt seen much difference but who know...they are vets after all.

In other news Ciara has found her forever home. She has a lovely big sister there and is more than happy. We are so happy for you Ciara :)

We have a new foster aswell. Her name is Candy and she is a pregnant Staffie. We were a lil bit scared about getting a pregnant foster but we decided that it would be a learning experience. She came to use just over a week ago and is due to have her babies sometime this week. We have converted the back kitchen into a birthing pen and have put a baby gate up so me and Jimi cant get in and disturb her. I will post more about Candy when the babies arrive (which is suppose to be this Friday-Sunday)

Two weeks ago, Mummy seen a competition in the national paper. It was a perfect pet photo contest, so Mummy entered me. All the entries are being posted in tomorrows paper and you have to vote for who you want to win. We will know more tomorrow so we will update you guys but the winner gets €1000 and €250 worth of Maxi Zoo vouchers (that is like our Pet Smart)

Also Mummy is on her holidays now so our summer is just about to get started :)

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