Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Park Again!

Hey, not much happened today as it was raining ALL day, but yesterday I took Oisín to the park. He really loves the park. It was pretty empty so he had no doggie friends to play with :(, I took a few pics, and you can see his new collar in them! SO cute! :)


Just a random pic of me and Oisín, lol! Look at his lil thung!! :)

Also Im going up to Dublin Zoo tommorow with my youth group (The RAD), Ive been there 3 times before and am really excited to go again as its the ONLY Zoo in Ireland. Sadly Oisín cant come, as we have to travel the whole way across the country and thats 2 1/2 hours in the car.

Manda x

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Sunday, October 25, 2009


As it was my 17th Birthday on Thursday, I decided to go up to Athlone today. Me and my Mam went up while my Dad watched Oisín.
Altogether I got €50, so first I went to "Pet World". I got Oisín a squeaky penguin toy and a collar with a blue bandana attached. Its sooo cute!
Then I went to "Pennys" and bought myself a pair of Jeggings, knitted uggs and a white knitted cardigan!
I also got myself some mascara and Oisín a bag of doggie chocs! :)!
Am gonna take some pics of Oisín and his new collar later, its so cute! Just thought I share with you my lil shopping trip! :) (Also did everyone elses clocks go back an hour last night???)

Manda x

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Lazy Days

Me and Oisín have been very lazy the last few days! I got my mid-term holidays, which is a hole week off so have been at home with Oisín as its been lashing rain!

Heres a pic of Oisín looking up at me! :P

And here he is watching TV with auntie Aisling. She's my cousin and one of my best friends and basicly lives here when we have no school!!

Love Manda x

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today I decided to take Oisín with me to the RAD.
The RAD is a youth group, you can go in there and just hang out, play pool, do dance lessons, go on the computers ect.
Anyways I decided to bring Oisín with me as I hate leaving him at home.
He was welcomed in and is now known as the Rad's mascot!
He spent most of the time with me and my two BFF's Erin and Ashling, and the rest of the time chewing on this tennis ball.
He also got invited to the RAD's Halloween Party!
Unfortunetly I didnt take any pics, but I did take this pic of him earlier this morning. Isnt he just precious!

Manda x

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Time At The Park

Today I took Oisín to the park for the first time. He absolutely loved it! But I forgot my camera so I had to take pics on my phone, so the quality isnt great! I am definitely going to start taking him more often.


As you can see he really enjoyed himself! :)
Here he is checking out a small square ogham stone! 
The next day it doesnt rain I might take him out into the forest! :) Id say he would love that! :)

Manda x

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Morning Face!

This is the face Oisín makes everytime he is woke up! I think its just adorable!

Heres a pic of his little paddy-paws as I call them!

Love Manda x

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

1 Week and 3 days with Us!

Here is what Oisín has been up to since I got him! :)
The weather has been great the last week (exept today as it decided to rain) so I had been spending a great deal of my time outside with him.
Here are some pics of him playing in the garden!


Here he is with my mums dog Rocko. Rocko is a Dog de Bourdoux, so is huge compare to Oisín!

A rare moment, is to see Oisín sleeping! :)

He must of never seen flowers before, as he found them fancinating!

There are lots more photos of Oisín but these really are my favourites! :)
Also on Fri the 16th, I took Oisín to the vet to get his second set of boosters. The vet found out that he had an ear infection, so he has to have ear drops everyday for 3 weeks. Its nothing seroius though and would of went away by itself but the drops help with the iritation.

Slán go máith!
Manda x.x.x.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog about my lil man Oisín (Ussh-eeen). I got him for my 17th B-day and he means the world to me! :)
We are located in Roscommon, Ireland. In case you dont know Ireland is a small island off the west of Europe.
I am gonna try and keep this blog updated so in twenty years time I can look back on it as a vurtuial diary about my baby boy Oisín.

Slán go máith