Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding and other Shenanigans

Were you American puggies watching the Royal Wedding? We know we were, this was mine and mummys first time to watch a royal wedding since both of us weren't born for Princess Diana's wedding.

There were a lot of parties yesterday to celebrate the Royal Wedding, and to be honest us Irish love a chance to celebrate over anything :P

While everyone went down to the pub me and mummy and Jimi headed to the park. It was such a sunny day (mummy actually got sunburned on her shoulders...yup it was that hot)

We also never got to wish you guys a Happy Easter. I hope you all had a great time. Our Easter was manic, we visited all our relations on Good Friday and Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday was spent tucking into sweets and going to the parade.

I also has a surprise to tell you guys :) But that's just gonna have to wait till tomorrow ;)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cameras, Holidays and Hikes

Mummy is off school for 2 weeks....2 weeks! Can you believe it, its so good to have mummy at home.

In other news we has got a replacement cameras, mummy's auntie lent it to her until mummy has moneys for a new one (and who knows how long that will be). It works pretty good, the only downside is it doesn't have a screen to see the photo you has taken. So you think you has got a beautiful picture of your Pug and then when you plugs it into the computer you realises that your Pug moved and blurred (whoops)! It also takes batteries which is a bummer. Apart from that it works great and now we can post pictures of well MEEE!!

To celebrate mummy off school, the new cameras and the lovely weather we went for a hike in the forest.

This was when I starts to get tired and sit down to lets mummy know that I am done with the walkings for today...although I seem to have no problem walking back homes hehe ;)

Jimi's blue bucket really does ruin the scenery hehe

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Vets

Yesterday was my annual booster so off to the vets me and mummy went. While we were there the vet did a check up and guess what I'm perfectly healthy. The only negative thing the vet had to say was that I was slightly overweight (the cheek) at 9.7kg that's 21.4 pounds to most you guys.
Personally I don't think that's to bad but me and mummy have decided that instead of cutting back on my food (that would just be unnecessary cruelness) that we are gonna up my exercise and a walk a day is now mandatory whether I feel like it or not :/

We have yet to get a replacement camera so here's a old photo of me snoozing like a seal :)

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kodak Funeral

So as you guys know, Mummy left me on Wednesday to go on her field trip.
When she got home I was expecting to see some pretty cool pictures...but was there any...NO...and do you want to know why...because mummy's camera has passed away.
Yup on the night before the trip mummy charged her camera. Then the next day when she tried to turn it on it would just turn on and then off. It is fully charged tho cos for the split second it stays on you can see the full up battery symbol in the corner.

So that means no cool pictures of the caves :( and no new pictures of me for a while either :(
So here is the last ever photo mummy's Kodak took...

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