Monday, February 28, 2011

Were Moving

Yup we are moving house again. Mummys parents just cant seem to get settled in a place for long since they had to rent out their family home as a result of the recission.
The new house is a canadian log cabin :)
Its really cool and is surrounded by forests.
Don't worry we will be back blogging soon...mummy needs the internets for school and her mum needs it for work so we wont be without it for long.


 I sure am going to miss the carpets in this house, the new one has wooden floors in every room...mummy said she is going to get a big fluffy mat for our bedroom though.


I am also going to miss my evening walks with my neighbour Carter :(
But I think I overheard mummy talking about a new foster dog joining us at the new house :). I love new friends, even if they are only temporary.

I would also like to thank Winston, we got your postcard today and we just wanted to say thanks. We didnt ask for one so it was a nice surprise when we got one.
Also if anyone has our old address and would like our new one just email mummy at 
Chat to you guys soon (I promise) :)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday *Bath Time*

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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Day after Sweater Day

Were to late to enter the sweater day contest (silly mummy had 4hour ballet practice yesterday...hoomans *rolls orbs*) but we decided to post a pic of me in my sweater anyways just because I look so cute and we think its was an awesome idea :)

We don't have a thermostat here, we just have this switch thing that makes our radiators hot and when they gets hot enough we switch the switch off...hmm maybe that is a thermostat. Anyways yesterday the switch was banned from being touched and we gots out our sweaters, mummy was warm anyways from all the dancings hehe so she didn't need a sweater.

Good luck to all those that entered, and me and mummy thinks its a great way to honor Stubby.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the cards :)...Mummy made me wait until today to open them all.

As some of you know it was way to expensive for us to send you guys cards. When mummy asked the lady at the post office how much she said it was €5 per card outside europe. We thought there had to be a mistake so we checked again and it was actually €3 per card, but this was still to expensive as mummy isnt working.
We asked Winstons Mummy could we pull out of the card exchange but she told us that Winston would still send us a you cand imagine our suprise when we gots all these in the post :)
So instead me and mummy have decided that we are going to send all you guys some random letters during the year.
This way it wont be as expensive and we will still get to send you something.

Hope you guys had a love filled day...we know we did

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little bit Lazy

Me and Mummy have been a bit lazy with our posts recently, sorry about that. :)
We didn't do to much this week, mummy was at school and I was home with Jimi....OH ya there was like a mini hurricane here on joke!
It was really windys outside and our back garden fence blew down, and that's a BIG fence. 
When mummy puts me outside for my potty I couldn't walk in a straight line it was so windy, I kept being pushed by the wind to one side....sooo not funny!

Some pictures to reflect our week :)

 I can hear the winds again mummy!

Also the photos from our walk down to the stream seem to have disappeared :/...and their not on mummy's camera anymores. So weird!
Guess that means we will just have to go down and visit the stream again, eh mummy :)

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