Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Belated New Year Puggies!

Happy Belated New Year Guys! :), everything is just starting to get back to normal now, family are going back home and were not spending almost everyday at my nana's house so I can update more! :D 

Aww look at Oisín here with his cute lil tired face!

 Also as I would like to say RIP Toby who died on the 2-Jan-08! I can't belive its been two years already! Toby died at the young age of 6, he was my dads boxer and we had him from a puppy! He died because he got hepatitis B, no one knows how he caught it but after many vet visits, needles and meds he finally gave in!
I miss you everyday and hope your happy up in heaven! Love you buba!

Posted by Manda x at 5:24pm