Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodbye for Nows

Yup were moving June 1st, two days time so as you guys can imagine its a bit of a mad panic here. And my daily walk has been canceled till then :(
But Mummy said she will make ups for it, be bringing me exploring in the forest behind our new house.

Im really excited bouts moving but I will miss you guys till I gets google back.
And silly Mummy packed the camera and cant remember which bag its in so I has to post this photos from the other day.

Just in case Mummys laptop gets packed up this evening, I wants to say goodbyes for now to all my puggie friends.
This could be our final post for a while :( and I just wanted to say that I will miss all you guys so much!

But I will be back as soon as I can and I'll tell all you guys abouts my new house!

Lots of Love!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Freeze Frame Friday

So Puglet and his mums had a really cool idea, Freeze Frame Friday, where we post a picture of something funnys that only a camera could see but not human (or pug) eyes!

Heres my FF, hehe, I was climbing into the bouncy castle and I relised I has to jump downs so I did but silly mummys took a photo!
I looks scared but I swear I wasnt, why would I be?
Anyways I think FFF is a great ideas, what do you guys thinks?

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yup thats right, we is moving! Mummy told me todays!
At the moment my grandma and grandpa are looking for a house in the Lanesborough area which is very near Roscommon, Lanesborough is located on the river shannon and has lots of forests so it will be so much funs, especially now that it is summers and mummy can be with me everydays!

Roscommon is in the reds box and where we is moving to is in the blues!

Me and Mummys still isn't sure when we is moving, but it will be in the nears future!
The only downside to movings is that we probally wonts have googles and stuffs for a few weeks so wonts be able to blogs :(
But once we gets googles backs we will have the biggest blogs ever! Hehe!

Until thens we will keeps blogging!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I realised today that I never told my fellow puggies about my snuggie,
and how I LOVE my snuggie!

It all started the day my mummy brought me home.
When I got to my new home and looked around I noticed this monkey hanging around off mummy's bedroom roof, I howled and howled for him so mummy got him down and gave him to me.
It was instantly loves!

That was all the ways back in October and I still has my snuggie to this day, even though now his eyes are gone and his head sometimes bleeds white fluff.
But mummy just gives him some stitches and I can plays with him again.
I call him my snuggie cos hes so snuggly to sleeps with.

Does any of you guys has a snuggie or special toy that you loves to play with?

*UPDATE* Woops I just relised dats der are these tings in da USAs that are called snuggies and are blankets with arms! Just to bes clear I wasnt on bouts them, I was on bouts my monkey called snuggie, hehe

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To Tired To Walk

So yesterdays me and mummy and my godmother Ashling (mummys bff) went for a walk, we didnt go very far as it was 63 F here and I isnt use to da hot weathers,
I gots tired on the way back and made my mummys carry me home, hehe.
Ashling decided to take a photos for my blogs with her phones.

It sure is nice living a life of luxurys!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Today, woops its past 12, well den yesterdays it was sunny, can yous actually believe it!!
Usually on sunny days me and my mummys goes for a walk to the park, but today it was really sunny, well for Ireland anyways and it didnt rain once, can yous believe it.
So instead my mummys took out the paddling pool for me and my uncles Jimi (mummys baby brother),

I swear tho, I kept seeings this other dog inside the waters and it was kinda scaring me.

Now this is how ya do the "Puppy Dog Eyes"


Here are some pictures mummys did make me post of my uncle Jimi, he really likes the paddling pool, can yous guys tell?

But he really doesnt like Mummys camera and tells her "NOOOO" if she takes more than one picture at a times!

He thinks he can do the puppy dog eyes better than me but he sooo cant! Hehe,

We was both having so much fun but then Jimi had to ruin it all by splashings, and I really didnt like the splashings! :(

I wish it could stay this sunny forevers but Mummy said its not gonna last long so we gots to enjoy it while we cans!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now Its My Turn To Blogs!

So my mum is always blogging for me, well I decided its my blog so shouldnt I be the one blogging, my mums was a little upset so I made her cheif photographer and editor of my blogs! That ought to keeps her happy.

So I gots into a lil bit of trouble today, but in my defense Mummys brother totally started it.
He was digging a hole in the garden so I just thought it would be nice of me to help him out a bits yanoo,
but I gots cought,
and miss mummy decided to take pictures as evidences!

This was us before we knews she was there.

Then we spotted her so we was trying to act natural, she totally didnt buy it,

Me digging, how dare you even accuse me of it, its not dirt on my face its one of those fancii mud masks,

Oh rights, so you dids see me from your window, Uhh-ohh!

So after I promised mummy I would be a good boys, she went back inside and I went back to diggings! Hehe!

Also Anakin I is really hope-ings you gets better soon, but Im totally gelouse of your super cool ninja belt! :D!
So guys member to sent Anakin get well soon wishes for him and his mummy,
Lots of get better kissies!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caption This!


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Month Update!

Hey Guys, thought I should let ye all know that me and Oisín are still alive and Oisín is 10 months old, I cant believe that Ive had him for 7 months.
But just because we haven't been blogging doesn't mean we haven't been having fun.
Yesterday was my my sister Angels 10th Birthday so we had a party at our house, and guess who decided the bouncy castle would be the best place to have a nap.

Silly Oisín, hehe.

Here are some more pics from over the last few months,
Oisín watching the sunset, yawning and wearing a silly hat!

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