Friday, February 19, 2010

Oisín Gets the Snip!

Hey guys! God am I bad at posting! :P!
I got a job as a childminder! Yay! So with my first wages I decided to get Oisín neutered! At first I didnt want to do it because I would of loved to get an Oisín Jr. but the health benifits are amazing, an anything that might help my baby live longer is great! :D!

In other news! We no longer have Bella! Her and Alfie were just to bold to handle at once! And when Oisín joins in its just chaos!
My dads best friend Tom adopted Bella and she comes and visits almost everyday so its great!

I'll post some pictures of Oisín and Alfie tommorow if Im not working!

Love Manda and Oisín

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alfie and Bella!

Hey! Guys! Thought I wounld post some pics of the new pups my mum got!
She called them Alfie and Bella!

Heres Alfie! He has a brown spot on his ear and is very playful and has loads of energy! Him and Oisín are new bffs, :)!

Heres Bella with Alfie! She has a brown spot on her ear, she is very laid back and doesn't like to play with the boys, but will play with a stuffed toy for hours! Also it looks like she is going to be the boss once the pups and Oisín grow up as if the boys annoy her she has no problem letting them know!

Heres Oisín trying to get Alfie to wake up and play! :) They are so cute playing together!

Alfies to tired to play so Oisín goes off to see if there are any good chew toys around!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey Guys!

Sorry about the lack of posts! Oisín has really grown up in the last month! He looks a lot more manly :P! 

 Anyways in some other news, today Oisín got a new lil brother and sister! :) My mum got two staff puppies for her birthday, their twins and are only 8 weeks old! Oisín really likes them! I'll post some pictures of them as soon as I can! :)

Posted by Manda x at 10:59pm