Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its been a busy week

Gosh it sure has been a busy week here. We have OFFICIALLY moved in, everything is now unpacked!
Tuesday was Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday) not sure if you guys celebrate it in America. On pancake Day everyone eats pancakes all day-that's really the gist of it!
Mummy gots some pancakes at school and when she and her sisters came home we all made some more pancakes! Oh boy were they delicious!

 Wednesday was Ash Wednesday...DUH! :P On Ash Wednesday you go to church and get Ashes on your forehead. I think the ashes are made from burnt palm leaves...not the priests cigarettes as mummy's sisters thought. It is also the beginning of Lent (it ends Easter Sunday). During lent you give up something or take something on. Mummy gave up fast food and took on making sure I get walked everyday and her homework was done on time. I have decided to take on an extra meal each day :D

Then today we did some explorings :) There is a dog house in the garden which I have claimed as my own :)

This is the drive way up to our house! Trees, trees and more trees! 

We will take some pics of the inside of the house soon...I promise! And for those of you that asked, yes we are still living in Ireland. The house is actually really near where we used to live. Mummy didn't have to change school or anything, she just has to get a bus now.
The landlord who also built the house said the house was shipped over from Canada (how cool) and they just had to assemble it. They make it sound so easy hehe.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

now things will beback to normal since you officially moved in. Yippe
Benny & Lily

PugMommy said...

Pancake Day sounds awesome, we don't celebrate it here though, but after reading this mommy got up and made some pancakes for brunch.


dw said...

Wow, such nice pics of your new area! We celebrate Shrove Tuesday here, too, though instead of pancakes, we eat paczki, which is like a fried filled doughnut. I don't think taing on another meal is what Lent is all about, Oisin! (though I could be wrong about that!)

Yours Truly said...

You look smashing in your new dog house!
Love, Marlene

Winston Wilbur said...

LUCKY PUGGER! PANCAKES! pft Mum did not make me pancakes although there is a dutch pancake house heres that celebrates the shrove tuesday every year. Mum never took me too that pancake place eithers! Well on another notes..... the house is wonderful. Oh there are lots of houses likes that here in Canada. In fact my auntie lives in one.

Cool dog, i mean Pug House!


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