Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Day!

I think God must of heard me wishing yesterday that I didnt want mummy to goes to school...cos he gave us a snow day :)
Its so cool...mummy listened to the radio this morning and it said her school was closed YAY!! So we decided to go out in the snow!
We had so much funs!


Jimi also went out in the snows pushing his favourite pink buggy...

Me and mummys are hoping it keeps snowing so maybe mummy wont have school tommorow either :)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Snows and Schools

First of all I would like to say that I is hoping all you American puggies has had a good thanksgiving. We dont celebrate it over here...but I wish we did...Turkey sure sounds good :)

Oh and guess what...it started to snow last night :) yup yup! There was only 1cm of snow but its promised to snow all week so hopefully it wont all be's melted by the time mummy gets home from school and we can actually play in it and gets some photos for my blogs!

I really hate when mummys goes to school, sure I gets to hang out with Jimi and Grandma.....WHAT....hang on a sec guys............................................
.........................................................mummy says Im not loud call her mummy grandma cos she sometimes reads my blog and wont be to happy bout being called a grandma..., anyway as I was saying I gets to hang out with Jimi, Mummy's mummy (GRANDMA hehe) and nows Kato (who is doing very well btw)but I still miss mummys. I sure wish she didnt have to ever goes to school again.

Pwease dont go to school mummy...


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet Kato

Meet Kato, our new foster dog! He is only 7 months old and is a Sibierian Husky.
We gots a call from the local shelter on Saturday saying that Kato had been taken in but they were full and had no room for him. He is extreamly thin and is covered in matted dead fur. He also has no training at all. He has been tied to a chain outside since he was a puppy and the ISPCA gots a call and went and confiscated him.
As you can see from the pictures he is in pretty bad shape, and is very thin but doesnt look it because of all his dead furs.
He has only been here since Sunday but is already looking betters.

 Look he has one blue eye and one brown eye!

All this poor fella needs is some loves, food and a good bath and comb!
He also needs some training so me and mummy has been helping leash train him...and "OH BOY" has that been eventful! 

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Friday, November 19, 2010


Thank God Its Friday everyone... :)
Im not sure bouts you american pugs but here it gets dark pretty earlier.
Mummy comes home from school at 4pm and we has to leave straight away for our walks or else its too dark! By 5:30pm its PITCH BLACK and I sort of go invisable in the dark...cool huh!

Anyways me and mummy left for our walks today at 4:30 and before it was even 5:00 it was dark, now you guys gots to promise not to tells anyone but Im sort-of kinda afraid of the dark.

So I asked mummy and she said we could finish our walk earlier and head home...I was more than happy too!!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mummy has her Christmas exams next week and has been studying like crazy, of course I have been helping her. Who else is going to chew the corners of her books. 
I was worried at first with all this studying business that she would forget my walk...and she almost did. But luckily one of us remembered and reminded her by crying to my lead...I know, I know but hey it worked! :)

We have also been messing about with photoshop and look what I did...okay so mummy helped :P  

We would also like to say that we send our sincere apologies over to the guys at Smush Faces. They lost their dearest Betty two days ago.
Betty even though we never met you, we are so sad that you had to leave. We know you are in a happier place now and that your pain has ended. We would also like to say that Shannon did an AMAZING job making your last 9 months epilepsy free and giving your more love in them months than you have received in your entire life.
R.I.P. Betty

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Were Making A Calender

Instead of buying a calender with other pugs pictures (like mummy did last year) we are going to make our own calender with my pictures! :D
So we gots to planning and we gots some ideas...today we took the photos for Feb, Oct and Dec! It was so much fun and I gots lots of treats for being a good model.
Here is a sneak peek of February's photo...

The only months we don't have any ideas of photos for is May, June and August!
Do you guys have any ideas for us? 

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Advent Calender

Guess what I gots today!!!!!
An advent calenders :)  yup that's right! A girl who works at the youth club Mummy volunteers at...LOVES DOGS and especially loves me (who wouldn't), and she bought me an advent calender. She gave it to mummys today and mummy showed me when she got home! 
At first I didn't know what it was but mummy told me that every number has gots a doggie treat behind it....I wanted to open dem all ups straight away but mummy said no...
....I has gots to wait until the first day of December :(
Maybe when mummys not looking I'll sneak one!

Here is what my "PAWSOME" calender looks like!

I'm well proud of my calender! :) 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad House and Fostering!

Ok so members yesterday I wanted to tell you bout how the house we did move into wasn't as good as we thought, we didn't notice until we had moved in but there was drafts in every room and the roof leaked in one bedroom! :(
The house was in such a lovely area though that it really was a shame...so we had to move AGAIN! We moved back to Roscommon to a nice house in a small estate.
But while we was there we enjoyed the lovely scenery! :)
Here is me with my auntie Angel! She gives me lots of cuddles and kisses and I is love her so much! 

I also made friends with a collie named Milo, we had so much fun running through the forest and fields...I sure do miss him!

This is a picture of the forest from the field beside it...its so pretty isn't it :)

And now to talks about fosterings...do you guys member Alfie, the staff X pit bull puppy we had. Well him and his sister Bella were homeless pups that we was fostering. Bella gots a home straight away but Alfie stayed with us for a long time, they had to be careful who they adopted Alfie to as being half pit bull can be a bit dangerous, some peoples only wants him for fighting! :(
But in the end he did find his "Furever" home with this lovely family.
We is so happy for you Alfie and we miss you but are very glad you have a home :)

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey Guys !

I'm back and oh boy do I have lots of news I am dying to tell you! I just gots to tell you all bouts how we is now fostering dogs, how the house we moved into was definitely not as good as we thought (although if I must say so it was in a beautiful area), how much I is missing mummy now that shes back at school, how me and mummys are going to make a calender :) and lots more things!
But for this post I just want to say hi guys and how much I did miss posting...we did check up on your blogs from time to time when we was able to tho :)

 This is a pic of me in the shirt I did get off mummy for my first birthday! :) I had a blast that day...mummy got me KFC for lunch and we had a little cake that evening and then she took me to the park! IN MY SHIRT :D 
Here are some more pics taken over the summer...we have about 1 million (ya I think that's right :/) photos, but mummy said that would be to many to post at once! 

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