Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oisín's Eyes

Hey guys, Oisín's Mummy here.
Today while cleaning some eye gunk off Oisín I noticed brown spots on both of his eyes. I had never noticed before and I could only see them because the sun was shining straight onto his face.
They are dark brown in colour very similar to his actual eye colour so are hard to notice. They also seem to be on the outside layer of his eye *if that makes sense* and not part of his iris.

They don't seem to be hindering his vision as he can still spot if I have a treat in my hand and can follow it as I move it around.
I know pugs can have a lot of trouble with their vision so I'm pretty freaked out as to what it could be, but I don't want to put him through the stress of bringing him to the vet if it turns out to be nothing or something that will clear up on its own (he really hates the vet and gets very stressed out, last time he got sick in the waiting room)

I tried googling it but cant find anything, just pictures of dogs with a brown patch over one eye...not what I am looking for. So I have come to you guys,do you have any idea what it could be? If you do know anything could you tell me what would need to be done to cure it? Would it be possible eye surgery? Also would his pet insurance cover it (they're really sneaky over here and its almost not worth the money)?

*This is a really crappy photo of his eyes but was the only one that kinda showed up the brown dots*

I will most likely end up dragging Oisín to the vet anyways but if anyone has experienced something very similar to it, that would really help :)

  The Mummy    x

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Eurovision starts tonight :) Not sure if you guys can watch it in America and Canada but if you can Ireland is on tomorrow and Jedward are preforming their song Lipstick for us. They are extreamly cheesy twins from Dublin who became famous from the X-Factor (we heard thats heading your way too and Simon Cowel and Cheryl Cole and heading along with it)

Anyways I got to go but if you can tune in so see the "cheesiness" of Jedward :P

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Friday, May 6, 2011


Here she is. The surprise! She got delayed a few days but came here just in time for our BBQ.
Here is Ciara (Key-Raa) our latest foster. She is 11 weeks old and look at the size of her already. She is a cross between a Mastiff and an American Bull Dog so is going to be a big girl when she's grown.

 Okay I don't look to impressed in this pic but she was getting all the attention which also means all the scraps.

While we love fostering we weren't to keen on fostering a puppy, mostly because puppys are so dependent and it's hard not to become to attached. She is only 11 weeks and has already been to 3 different homes before ending up in the shelter.
She has separation anxiety which causes her to be destructive if left alone. She also does not listen to a word you say and has a tendency to nip at people. We are working on her training and hopefully she will find her forever home soon. But for the mean time she is my new buddy

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