Thursday, November 12, 2009


I added a Translator to the blog so now you can translate it in to Irish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian! You can also leave a comment in any of these langugues (especially Irish) and I will be able to understand them! :) The Translator is on the right side of the page!

The Halloween pics of Oisín are on a deposible camera so Im getting them printed today and hopefully will have them scanned in by tommorow!

Also how is the weather from were you pugs are from??? Its been doing nothing but rain here now for over a week with temps around 9 degrees C!

Love Manda x
Posted by Manda x at 4:17pm

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oisín and Smokey-Joe!

Hey :), I have two pics here of my baby boy! One I think is very funny, its a pic of how Oisín likes to sit on the couch! Hes so cute! Haha! :)

And this pic is of my baby and his best feline friend, my sisters cat Smokey-Joe! They are always play fighting and its so cute to watch as Joe usually ends up the winner, aww poor Oish! :(

Oh guess what I just remembered, I never posted the pics of Oisín on Halloween, I'll try and post tonight if my mums not working on the computer! There not the best quality as it was quiet dark but to just look at Oisín's face I dont think it will matter! :)

Love Manda x
Posted by Manda x at 5:04pm

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tweedles Gave Oisín an Award!

Tweedles the Pug gave Oisín an award! Im not to sure how these awards go so Im going to pass it on (I think thats what you do to) to Oakley and Swisher and Dutch the Pug! For being my two newest followers! :)
Also sorry for not posting in over a week but my mum (Oisín's grandmum) forgot to pay the internet bill and there was no internet for a week!

Manda x
Posted by Manda x at 2:31pm