Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet the Pups!

Their names are Clive, Iris, Faith, Hope and Savannah. 

Clive is the only boy and is also the only pup that isnt black, he is white with brown patches. He was the fourth born.
Iris was the first born, she is almost totally black with a very small white mark on her chest (like me).
Faith was the last puppy to be born, she has a white stripe down her nose and white on her belly.
Hope was the second born, she almost passed away but luckily didnt and was therefore given the name Hope. She is black with white on her belly and chin. She is also the smallest pup.
Savannah has very similar markings to Faith, but she also has four white paws and a white tip on her tail. She was the third born.

Above is Clive, Savannah and Iris's backside :)
It was very hard to get a decent pic of the girls, since they are all black and were all hudled into each other, hopefully when they are little bit older we can get some better photos.

Posted by Manda and Oisín at 10:33pm


Noodles said...

Congrats Uncle Oisin.
Love Noodles

Oisín said...

Thank you Noodles :)

dw said...

Oh the puppies are so cute! I can't wait to see more of them ... when they're a little bigger.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness!! puppy breath..
Benny & Lily

Suki said...

Congrats! I can hear the puppy noises and smell the puppy breath.


Too Cute Pugs said...

Congratulations! They are adorable!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Hesta Nesta said...

Brings back lovely memories of when our Lily Pug had five puppies, two of which we kept...Pinkie and the Fonz! Congratulations and can't wait for more pics.
Jo xx

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