Friday, May 6, 2011


Here she is. The surprise! She got delayed a few days but came here just in time for our BBQ.
Here is Ciara (Key-Raa) our latest foster. She is 11 weeks old and look at the size of her already. She is a cross between a Mastiff and an American Bull Dog so is going to be a big girl when she's grown.

 Okay I don't look to impressed in this pic but she was getting all the attention which also means all the scraps.

While we love fostering we weren't to keen on fostering a puppy, mostly because puppys are so dependent and it's hard not to become to attached. She is only 11 weeks and has already been to 3 different homes before ending up in the shelter.
She has separation anxiety which causes her to be destructive if left alone. She also does not listen to a word you say and has a tendency to nip at people. We are working on her training and hopefully she will find her forever home soon. But for the mean time she is my new buddy

Posted by Manda and Oisín at 9:18pm


Noodles said...

Oh Oisin,
Ciara is soooooo lucky to have you to mentor her! She is a beauty, too. Good for you and your Mommy for helping her out.
Love Noodles

The Devil Dog said...

Ciara needs lots of love and compassion, Oisin. I am certain, that as a pug, you can provide it and give Ciara a chance to have a wonderful forever home.


tweedles said...

Hi Oisin
The little Ciara is just so uncertain of the world.... she has been through a lot in her young age. I would be afraid too.
You can be so much help to little Ciara

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