Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mummy has her Christmas exams next week and has been studying like crazy, of course I have been helping her. Who else is going to chew the corners of her books. 
I was worried at first with all this studying business that she would forget my walk...and she almost did. But luckily one of us remembered and reminded her by crying to my lead...I know, I know but hey it worked! :)

We have also been messing about with photoshop and look what I did...okay so mummy helped :P  

We would also like to say that we send our sincere apologies over to the guys at Smush Faces. They lost their dearest Betty two days ago.
Betty even though we never met you, we are so sad that you had to leave. We know you are in a happier place now and that your pain has ended. We would also like to say that Shannon did an AMAZING job making your last 9 months epilepsy free and giving your more love in them months than you have received in your entire life.
R.I.P. Betty

Posted by Manda and Oisín at 10:06pm


a boy a girl and a pug said...

Oisin you are too cute and I love that you are from my favorite place ever Ireland. hubs and i constantly say let's sell the house and pack up and move to ireland. i love it so much!

Winston Wilbur said...

Oisin we have added you to the club! welcome to the boys club! i will be doing a meeting soon so watch my blog.


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