Friday, February 19, 2010

Oisín Gets the Snip!

Hey guys! God am I bad at posting! :P!
I got a job as a childminder! Yay! So with my first wages I decided to get Oisín neutered! At first I didnt want to do it because I would of loved to get an Oisín Jr. but the health benifits are amazing, an anything that might help my baby live longer is great! :D!

In other news! We no longer have Bella! Her and Alfie were just to bold to handle at once! And when Oisín joins in its just chaos!
My dads best friend Tom adopted Bella and she comes and visits almost everyday so its great!

I'll post some pictures of Oisín and Alfie tommorow if Im not working!

Love Manda and Oisín

Posted by Manda x at 1:12am


Salinger The Pug said...

Awww...kisses to sweet Oisin for getting the big snip!

Hopefully he doesn't have to wear the "cone of shame"!


Dutch the Pug said...

Oisin I hears you got snipped! Its okay buddy you wont miss em.

Anonymous said...

Three puppys at one time is a lot of work!!
I was glad when I got Gus snipped, I found he wasn't as unmanageable afterwords.

Glad everything is going well for you! :)

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