Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog about my lil man Oisín (Ussh-eeen). I got him for my 17th B-day and he means the world to me! :)
We are located in Roscommon, Ireland. In case you dont know Ireland is a small island off the west of Europe.
I am gonna try and keep this blog updated so in twenty years time I can look back on it as a vurtuial diary about my baby boy Oisín.

Slán go máith


martha said...

Congratulations on getting Oisin! You're in for so much fun and love together!

Manda x said...

Thanks! We already have so much fun together so I really cant wait for the real fun to begin! :)

Manda x

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Well, Manda, I think you have a friend for life here in Oisin (and I love that you put the correct pronunciation in for us!). My little Paco is almost 9 months old, and is a star in our family, too. I love your blog - and will check on him from here in Rhode Island, US (the smallest state in the country). Enjoy your little boy!

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