Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today I decided to take Oisín with me to the RAD.
The RAD is a youth group, you can go in there and just hang out, play pool, do dance lessons, go on the computers ect.
Anyways I decided to bring Oisín with me as I hate leaving him at home.
He was welcomed in and is now known as the Rad's mascot!
He spent most of the time with me and my two BFF's Erin and Ashling, and the rest of the time chewing on this tennis ball.
He also got invited to the RAD's Halloween Party!
Unfortunetly I didnt take any pics, but I did take this pic of him earlier this morning. Isnt he just precious!

Manda x

Posted by Manda x at 10:05pm


Anonymous said...

Oisin is adorable! I remember when Indy was that tiny :)

What does his name mean?

Manda x said...

Oisín is an old Irish name (pronounced Ushh-een) meaning "little dear"!
It really seemed to suit him,as hes my lil dear! :)

Manda x

babu said...

Thank you for stopping by to see me!! Oisin is adorable!

PUGinbucharest said...

Hi Oisin,
tks for stopping by.
You're really adorable !


Nevis said...

Oisín is REALLY adorable!!!! I bet you have a charming Irish accent! I've never met anyone who lived there before! Nice to meet you!!!

Manda x said...

I wouldn't say charming now, haha but thanks! Most of the Irish accents you hear on TV are Dubs. Im from the country so my accents a bit different! :)

Manda x

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi there! Welcome to the blogosphere Manda & Oisin! Lilo (the great rock eater) sent me over to say hello! Oisin is SO cute!!

Salinger The Pug said...

Hi there!

We read about sweet little Oisin on our friend Lilo's bloggie and wanted to come say HI! Lilo and I are puggy friends in real life and she is a LOT of fun to play with.

Oisin is a VERY handsome puggy and we're so excited to have some blogger friends from Ireland! Salinger's human daddy's long lost relatives came from Ireland!

Have a wonderful weekend and come check me (Salinger The Pug) out when you get a chance!


dw said...

Hi Oisin! I found you through Lilo's blog and think you're a real cutie! I hope to follow more of your adventures here! :)

Yoda and Brutus said...

He is so adorable!

Bijou said...

Hi Amanda and Oisin,

I came over from Lilo's blog to meet you. I think you are really cute. Love your little smooshy face and curly tail!


BRUTUS said...

Hi there Oisin!
We read about you on Lilo's blog. I'm not a true pug, but a French Bulldog that's been taken in as an honorary member of the puggie blog world (since there are so few of us Frenchies around). Nice to meet ya! You are quite the handsome little guy! I too become an instant mascot of any group mom takes me to, glad to hear that you get to go places too!!

Brutus the Frenchie

PUGinbucharest said...

i like very much Ireland. I want to arrive in Ireland

Smilingpug (aka Winston Wilbur) said...

Hi Greetings from Canada! Winston here. My aren't you a cutie. Look at that innocent puppy face. Gosh I remember being a puppy seems like just yesterday. Welcome to blogging. Oh and check out our post. I just listed the Paw if Forward winner.


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