Sunday, October 18, 2009

1 Week and 3 days with Us!

Here is what Oisín has been up to since I got him! :)
The weather has been great the last week (exept today as it decided to rain) so I had been spending a great deal of my time outside with him.
Here are some pics of him playing in the garden!


Here he is with my mums dog Rocko. Rocko is a Dog de Bourdoux, so is huge compare to Oisín!

A rare moment, is to see Oisín sleeping! :)

He must of never seen flowers before, as he found them fancinating!

There are lots more photos of Oisín but these really are my favourites! :)
Also on Fri the 16th, I took Oisín to the vet to get his second set of boosters. The vet found out that he had an ear infection, so he has to have ear drops everyday for 3 weeks. Its nothing seroius though and would of went away by itself but the drops help with the iritation.

Slán go máith!
Manda x.x.x.

Posted by Manda x at 5:13pm


Sandy said...

what a cutie!! Love the contrast between the two dogs in size!

Manda x said...

I know, Rocko is MASSIVE! Im gonna try and get more pics of them together!


Fiona-X said...

Tell Oisin to stop eating my socks plz

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